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Green World Business Opportunity is the ultimate answer!

Discover How Nigerians Now Earn N100k To N3m Monthly, Own Several Brand New Cars & Enjoy Free Overseas Trips Within Just 6 Months Of Becoming Green World Africa Distributors! You Can Start With N2,500!

Okay, enough of this rhetorics. Lets hit the ground running.

Introduction To Green World Nigeria Business

Green World Africa is a lucrative Network Marketing Business opportunity that pays huge bonuses and incentives to its distributors who market their Chinese-medicine based herbal products.

Though the company is less than 4 months in Nigeria (Officially opened in Nigeria on the 29th March, 2009), those Nigerians who had joined the business from Ghana and those who later join recently have been making monthly bonuses of N3m, N1.5m, N1m, N500,000, N100,000 etc. Last year alone, 40 Nigerians qualified for the brand new car award.

Not only that, at the official opening of the Company in Nigeria on March 29th @ All Seasons Plaza opp. Cardbury Plc, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, 62 brand new Toyota Yaris and 159 International Free Trip Awards were given to qualified distributors. Dr. Paul Orh (NAFDAC. D.G) was the Guest speaker at the occasion.

The Green World products have been used for effective treatment of cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, sexual malfunction, fibroid, etc. In this write-up, I will provide just a summary of the Green World Africa Business opportunity.

The Green World Herbal Products
The Green World Group, which has its headquarters in Michigan, USA with production base in China, manufactures quality nutritional herbal and natural supplements (over 100 products).

These products have been utilized to treat multiple diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac diseases and sexual malfunction (over 120 diseases) for several years all over the world. Testimonies abound of the curative powers of the Green World products both in Nigeria and all over the world. These products are very effective, well-tested in several laboratories in USA and have no side effects.

Compensation Plan Levels Summary
The compensation plan is the best around, with cash bonuses, cars, trips and home ownership incentives. There are the status and honorary advancement levels as follows:

Status levels: 1-star Consultant to 8-star consultant (levels 1 to
Honorary Status levels: 1-star manager to 3-star manager, 1-star director to 5-star director & honorary chairman (9 higher levels).

Levels and Advancement
Advancing from one level to another is easy and requires team work, unlike many businesses where “monkey works for the baboon”. You can start the business by registering with N2,500 and buy products at distributor price and make retail profit of 20%.

However, if you can afford it, you can accelerate your business by starting from level 3. But you can also reach level 3 from level 1 by accumulating points (BVs) from purchase of products totaling 250 BVs. Note: Each product has a Business Volume (BV) points attached to it. Thus sales volume is proportional to your BV points.

1-star: Register with N2,500.
2-star: Registration plus product worth N15000 (80BV)
3-star: Registration plus product worth N37,500 (250BV)
4-star: Have 3 persons under you each a 3-star (1000BV total)
5-star: Have 3 persons in your 1st level, each a 4-star and in your 2nd level, have 9 persons, each a 3-star (total 4000BV)

For the complete compensation plan, get in contact with us at our office.

Ways You Make Money In Green World Africa
The Green World compensation plan, which is the best in this industry, outlines the various ways you can make money as a distributor:

1. Retail Profit: You can begin your business immediately as a 1-Star Consultant or distributor just by purchasing a Business Kit with just N2,500. Every distributor can buy any company products and sell them to make 20% retail profit.

2. Direct & Indirect Bonuses: As you sponsor new distributors to Green World business, the company pays you bonuses based on the volume of achievements of your downlines in a particular month.

You will also advance from level to level (1-Star Consultant up to 8-Star Consultant) based on the total business volume (BV) you and your downlines have accumulated.

3. Honorary Bonus: The Company gives out 5.25% of its global monthly sales revenue as Honorary Bonus to be awarded to distributors with Honorary Status, i.e. 1-Star Manger to 5-Star Director as well as Honorary Chairman.

4. Special Awards: The company gives Special Awards to various distributors of 6-Star and above, ranging from Fast Growth Award, Free International Trip, Small Car, House Fund, International Getaway Vacation (International Meetings), Famous-branded Car (Mercedes Benz C) and Villa Award in accordance with the compensation plan.

5. Outstanding Sponsoring Bonus (41%): Distributors of 2-Star or higher can get this bonus from the basic BV of the new distributor he/she sponsors.

Why Join Green World Africa Business?

1. Low Startup Capital: The capital you need to start this business is very low – N2,500 for startup kit and you can purchase any amount of product to start building your business.

You can also invest N40,000 (which is all you need to invest before the company start paying you cheque i.e. N2500 for startup kit and 37,500 worth of products) to enable you take off at 3-star consultant level and accelerate your business.

2. Health & Wellness: Using the products will ensure optimum health and wellness as the products are multifunctional.

3. Choose Your Own Products: Unlike many other Network Marketing businesses around, you decide which products to purchase right from the start.

4. Money: Enjoy constant flow of money from retail profit(if you choose to sell), as well as direct, indirect and sponsor bonuses from your team’s total monthly achievements. You will also get honorary bonuses as you advance to higher leadership positions.

5. Rich Lifestyle: You will be entitled to a brand new car and free, all-expenses-paid overseas trips to South Africa, China or USA beginning from level 6 upward

6. Personal Development: Green World Africa business will enable you acquire interpersonal and leadership skills which you require to improve other areas of your life.

7. Financial Freedom: The ultimate benefit of the Green World business is financial freedom, so that you can work less and live in comfort for the rest of your life.

8. No Selling: Because the products are very effective, they literally sell themselves. Your job is just to share information, thereby exposing the products to people who will benefit from them, and get some of them to join as distributors under you. You may also decide to use the product on your own.

Note: Unlike other Multi-level marketing companies in Nigeria today, only in Green world Business you are not placed under a monthly purchase/sales target. Your BV does not expire! Your initial 250BV + those of your down-lines is all you need to keep moving from one level to another(each person that joins the network is expected to buy product worth of 250BV)

9. Support: Your up-line organization is ready to help you succeed.

Time-bound Awards

Some of the attractions of the Green World business are the Free All-Expenses Paid Trip to USA or South Africa or China and the brand new car award. You qualify for the trip when you reach level 6 within 6 months and the brand new car if you reach level 7 within 1 year. (some are getting the 2 awards in just 2-3 months – it’s all depends on you !)

Free International Trip: Outstanding distributors of six-star qualified within six months since joining the business.

Small Car ($16,000):
a) Distributor of Seven-Star Consultant Status qualified within one year since joining the business, creating three direct networks, containing one Six-Star Consultant in each network is qualified.

b) Distributor of Seven-Star Consultant Status creating another three direct networks within one year, containing one Six-Star Consultant in each network is qualified to get a second small car, and he/she can have the opportunity to win a third small car in case the same standard is met, and so on.

Note: Some people became 6-star in 2 months and 7-star in 6 months.

An Invitation To A Rich and Healthy Lifestyle

Contact us today for more information about the products and how you can become a distributor and enjoy the rich and healthy life style you desire!