Royal Jelly Softgel


Greenworld Royal Jelly Softgel

Key Features:
  • Clinically Tested
  • Promotes Good Health
  • Make you feel 20s again


INGREDIENTS: 100% natural royal jelly.

1. Strengthens immunity and facilities regeneration of the tissue

2. Improves metabolism and incretion

3. Prevents certain types of cancer, such as beasts and cervical cancer of women

4. Fights cancer by inhibiting blood supply to tumors

5. Improves insulin resistance and high blood pressure

6. Accelerates convalescence and reduces the incidence of relapse

7. Restrains bacteria and reduces inflammation

8. Reduces spots and wrinkles, nourishes skin, activates the hair,nail and skin and postpone senile


  • Weak,sickly and senile people
  • Women who intend to reduce spot and wrinkle
  • People with anemia or those during convalescence after sickness or surgery
  • Office workers who are incline to fatigue
  • People with chronic liver and kidney diseases

Royal jelly is the specific food fir the queen bee for her entire life, which contribute to her longevity (50times longer than the worker bees), as well as her fertility.

A queen bee is fertilised once,and from that moment on can lay as many as three thousand eggs a day during the season. As incredible as this may seem,she can lay that many eggs for five years.

The rich concentrated food is not just useful for the bees. It contains remarkable amounts of proteins, lipids, glucides, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, mineral substances, and specific vital factors that act as biocatalysts in cell regeneration processes within the human body.

Although some of the elements found in royal jelly are in microgram quantities,they still can act supremely with co-enzymes as catalysts or can act synergistically. (That is ,the element’s action combined is greater than the sum of their actions taken separately. )

Royal jelly is rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin,inositol and folic acid. In fact, it contains seventeen times as much pantothenic acid as that found in dry pollen. It is a marvellous healthfood called “liquid nutrient gold”. Green World Royal Jelly Capsule contains 100% pure royal jelly, whose active rate is above 97%, 3 times higher than that in fresh royal jelly.

600mg x 30 softgels

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