Super Nutrition


Greenworld Super Nutrition Blueberry

Key Features:
  • Get rid of fat around your waist
  • Reduce Cholesterol & Heart disease risk
  • Reduce diabetes & improve brain and eye


INGREDIENTS: Blueberry extract,blueberry powder, dietary fiber of fruits and vegetables, natto polypeptide, malic acid.


  • Provides rich and balanced nutrition, enhances immunity
  • Removes free radicals, especially free radicals in the brain and eyes
  • Protects cells and DNA from being damaged


People of all age groups, especially

  • People demanding supplemental and balanced nutrition
  • People with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood lipid level
  • People under stress or with chronic fatigue
  • People with low immunity or at sub-health status


of fruits and vegetables can balance the nutrition of the intestinal tract;purify the intestinal tract and remove the stool; eliminate toxins and help to lose weight.


can generate protein matrix of bone,which forms membranous bone,with the participation of calcium. It increases density of bones, and prevents bone fracture. It also effectively prevents the cardio-cerebral embolism, mantains normal blood pressure; and restrains the growth of cancer cells.


Green World super nutrition activates immune system through prolonging cell’s life and repairing injured cells. It mantains normal function and metabolism of cells, promotes the repairing capability, enhances immunity, cleanses blood, and removes toxins.

A daily intake of 20g of Green World super nutrition provides 5mg of bluebery extracts and 5mg of bluebery powder, which is equivalent to 130g of fresh blueberries.

20g x 15 bags

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3 cm


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